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To caress the ears with more clarity and improved technical brilliance, the college has a cutting edge audio recording and processing facility. The fully furnished acoustic Recording studio has all the advanced equipment for audio processing and ON-AIR programming across the campus.

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Campus Beats


For being in coherence with the changing needs of time and to give an empirical knowledge to the students of mass communication we have started a campus television, Nirmala Darshan. The venture keeps on giving a hands-on experience on televising and processing of visuals along with soft skills for giving a lively screen presence.

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Merit Day -2018

Swachh Bharat

Kunnin Mukalilae Akshara Deepam

Alvidha l Adieu 2018

Koyhtulsavam 2018

Mudra 2018

Campus TV


Dream Final

CAMPUS BEATS- Campus Radio

Campus Beats is an innovative campus radio programme of the department of Communicative English since 2011. It diffuses Information, Education and Entertainment across the campus.

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Campus Beats


A newsletter provides students with the opportunity to enhance their cognitive skills and see how reading and writing are interconnected. The department of Communicative English proudly publishes a monthly newsletter titled Resonance which edifies the whole campus with its magnificent way of bestowing events steadfastly.